E-commerce is a mix of art, passion and execution.  We analyze, develop & assist manufacturers & brands with their E-commerce strategy.  From consulting and advisory roles all the way to assisting execution.  There are many skills needed to develop and build an e-commerce strategy.  We understand manufacturers and brands are at various stages in the process.  Some need help with finding the right e-commerce platform and others need help with virtually everything.  We are a trusted source to make sure you get the most out of your e-commerce budget and can help you operate efficiently and effectively for years to come. Here is how we can help.  Contact us to learn more.

Our Services

We have 3 consulting packages. Discovery, Strategic Development and Assisted Execution.

Discover & Recommend

We discover and analyze where you are and where you want to go.  We recommend what your company needs to do improve your e-commerce results.  We consult with your team to determine is working and what needs to change.  This includes evaluating your website’s platform & performance, recommending search engine optimization improvements, integration recommendations, digital advertising recommendations, and marketing execution ideas to better promote your website, products & brand more effectively.

E-Commerce Strategy Development

We develop an e-commerce plan for you to execute.  This plan can include everything from changing your website structure to teaching you how to execute your marketing goals.  Topics would include which e-commerce platform you should be using, which website development company will best understand your needs, what your website structure and design should look like, what the search engine optimization best practices are to incorporate, what marketing and operational integrations should be planned and developed, what resources should be used internally and externally, what digital, social and video marketing practices should be established, what advertising and social media platforms should be used and why, what retargeting practices should be established, what product feed and marketplace strategy should you be moving toward, what is your overall mobile strategy, how to best optimize your website, user experience and shopping cart, what marketing automation should be created, what analytics should be used to measure success and what tools and training do you need to effectively execute.

Assisted Execution

We help you execute the optimal strategic plan.  We help get internal and external resources moving to properly integrate your current website and marketing plan into a new and improved format.  Additionally, we contribute the right tools and training needed for your company to rinse, repeat and improve so your company will be empowered to be successful with e-commerce.

The Red Headed Rebel e-commerce consultants will get you going in the best direction with the best results.

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