Red Headed Rebel is on a mission to make people’s lives & businesses better.  We are engaged in a variety of business activities from branding to book publishing and advising companies on e-commerce and work culture.

The Red Headed Rebel family of brands include

Red Headed Rebel advises brands and manufacturers on e-commerce. We understand the digital space and the strategies needed to take your e-commerce development, strategies and execution to the next level.  We help manufacturers expand their distribution with creating or enhancing their e-commerce presence and overall success.

RHR is led by Scott Bintz, the founder of, a leading e-commerce company with over $100+ million in sales.  In today’s digital age your strategy, training and execution must be persistent, passionate and transparent.  Find out how we can help.  We understand e-commerce and what it takes to succeed.

Our RHR E-Commerce Consulting Includes

  • Coaching
  • Leading
  • Strategy
  • Execution

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